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Botsford News Release

Open the Bubbly Safely

Farmington Hills, MI (December 6, 2006)--- As people around the world prepare to welcome 2007, Botsford General Hospital wants to remind people to be careful when opening their celebratory champagne bottles. Area physicians note that one of the worst times for eye injuries is New Year’s Eve. The simple reason is that a greater number of champagne bottles are opened by people who are unfamiliar with the proper and safe way to do so.

Eric Zuckerman, D.O., a Botsford General Hospital Ophthalmologist says, “When a bottle is opened improperly, the cork can be propelled at a very high speed by gas pressure in the bottle- almost like being shot out of a cannon! If it strikes someone in the eye, the result can be serious. Internal hemorrhage, cataract and torn or detached retinas are all very real dangers.”

Don’t allow a celebration to be converted to tragedy because of a careless moment with a champagne bottle. Whether the occasion is New Year’s Eve, an anniversary or another special event, please use common sense. You need not risk anyone’s eyesight to have a good time.

Dr. Zuckerman offers the following tips to stay safe when opening champagne bottles:

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