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What to Expect from Baby�s First Check-up

Farmington Hills, MI (October 23, 2006)--- Are you expecting a baby or just welcomed a new baby in your life? Are you ready for your baby’s first pediatrician visit? Many soon to be parents are nervous and curious about what to expect at their little one’s first well baby visit and wonder when to schedule the first appointment.

So, what should new parents do and how can they prepare? First, it is beneficial to meet with your pediatrician before the baby’s birth. Mirta Soler, M.D., a pediatrician from Botsford General Hospital says, “This will help parents in decision making or if there is a medical issue at birth.”

When your baby is discharged from the hospital, the pediatrician will tell you when to make your first appointment at the office. The first visit can be as early as 24 hours after discharge. If your hospital stay after delivery was longer, it may be as late as three to four days after discharge from the hospital.

At the first pediatric visit, the pediatrician will ask lots of questions about baby, the family medical history and the home environment. The baby will be weighed and have both the head and length measured. Dr. Soler says, “I will be particularly interested in the baby’s feeding schedule and the change in the baby’s weight. Babies typically lose some weight during the first week of life. It can take two and occasionally three weeks to get back up to birth weight. I will ask lots of questions to see how the family is adjusting to the newborn, how much the baby cries, who helps care for the baby, how much the baby sleeps, how often and what the baby is fed during the day and night, how many diapers you go though and other questions regarding a typical day.”

Many babies are given a hepatitis B vaccine at the hospital, however if your baby did not have this vaccine it may be given at the first pediatric visit. Other vaccinations will be given at future visits.

Before you leave the physician’s office, be sure to schedule your next appointment, probably within seven to ten days. After that visit, the baby will be seen at one month, then 2, 4 and 6 months for well baby care. Make sure to find out how to best reach your pediatrician during the day and after hours if necessary.

If you would like further information or you are looking for a pediatrician, please contact Botsford’s HealthMatch at (877) 442-7900.

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