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Botsford News Release

Botsford Physicians Offer New Vaccine

Farmington Hills, MI (September 13, 2006)--- The generation of women now under age 20 will have access to a protection from cancer that was not available to their mothers and grandmothers. Gardasil, a new vaccine, may prevent 70 percent of cervical cancers caused by the most common sexually transmitted infection, human papillomavirus (HPV).

There are approximately 20 million Americans currently infected with HPV and each year 6.2 million people become newly infected. About half of those infected are adolescents and young adults, ages 15-24.

Often HPV infections show no symptoms and are short lived, however HPV can be serious and can develop into life threatening cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women worldwide. In order to prevent HPV, the Food and Drug Administration licensed Gardasil, the first vaccine with the primary purpose of preventing cancer.

Judith Joslin-Page, D.O., a gynecologist at Botsford General Hospital says, “HPV is the number one sexually transmitted infection among teenagers and often times the teens don’t even realize they have it because there are no symptoms. It is important to stop the virus from reproducing and being passed on. Gardasil is one preventive measure from stopping the infection.”

The vaccine is offered in a three shot series and costs approximately $200 a shot. As of now many insurance companies are not covering the cost, however be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if the vaccine will be covered.

To learn more about Gardasil, please contact your physician or Botsford’s HealthMatch at (877) 442-7900.

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