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Deep Vein Thrombosis: Know the Risks

Farmington Hills, MI (August 31, 2006)--- Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a condition in which a clot, or thrombus, develops in a deep vein, usually in the lower leg. DVT can cause pain in the leg and can potentially lead to complications. DVT can be caused by a damaged vein or if the flow of blood slows down or stops.

Immobility while traveling is one risk factor for developing deep vein thrombosis. G. Scott Jennings, D.O., from Botsford General Hospital says, “There is evidence that flights lasting four hours or more may increase the risk of developing DVT. The risk is a result of prolonged immobility, which can happen during any form of long distance travel, whether by car, bus, train or plane. Normally the risk of developing DVT when traveling is small unless one or more other risk factors are present.” Other risk factors include age, past history of DVT, family history of DVT, inherited condition that make the blood more likely to clot, obesity, recent surgery or injury and pregnancy. Dr. Jennings says, “If you are at risk for DVT, you should seek advice from your physician before traveling on a flight of more than three hours.”

Although the risk of developing DVT caused by long haul traveling is low, there are further preventive measures that can be taken. Dr. Jennings offers the following tips when traveling:

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