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Botsford News Release

Overcrowding Hospitals: Botsford Efficiently Manages Patient Flow

Farmington Hills, MI (July 6, 2006)--- Twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, holidays, weekends: Hospitals are open. Nationwide, the number of hospitals and emergency rooms is falling causing a nationwide trend of overcrowded hospitals and emergency rooms. In some areas, ambulances are regularly turned away and diverted to other hospitals further away.

Botsford General Hospital is not turning away patients from its emergency room. Since Botsford stopped diverting ambulances 20 months ago, the Emergency Department has been improving bed management. David Walters, D.O., Botsford’s Department Chair of Emergency Medicine, says, “If an ambulance comes in and all beds are full, we review all patients charts to see who we can discharge or move to another unit. This has helped us become more efficient triaging patients.”

The lack of inpatient beds is a common problem with hospital overcrowding. Dr. Walters says, “This is the most common problem for us. Currently, we have a bed management system that allows us to track inpatient beds more efficiently.” Reasons for lack of beds can include things such as housekeeping or waiting for family members to pick up their loved ones. Botsford is currently working on a lounge where patients who have been discharged can wait for their family to pick them up. This will allow the hospital to free up beds in a more efficient manner.

The number of patients seen at Botsford has increased over the past two years to 58,000. Botsford’s ambulance traffic, which accounts for 20 percent of its patient volume, has been steadily increasing.

The Botsford Health Care Continuum is an integrated system of care which includes Botsford General Hospital, the Botsford Physician Network, Community Emergency Medical Service, the Botsford Continuing Care Corporation and the Botsford Center for Health Improvement. The Botsford site on the internet is

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