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Botsford News Release

Botsford Interns Choose Nurse of the Year

Farmington Hills, Mich., July 3, 2006---The 38 graduating physician interns of Botsford General Hospital in Farmington Hills selected Brandon Buchta, R.N. as their Nurse of the Year. Buchta is employed as a registered nurse on Botsford’s 65-bed progressive care unit (PCU).

Nurse of the Year Photo
Nurse of the Year Brandon Buchta, R.N
., far left, receives congratulations from Botsford interns David Kanze, D.O., Jeff Smith, D.O., Amanda Winter, D.O., and Tana Cooper, D.O.

Botsford’s PCU is a medical intermediate care unit that focuses on patients requiring constant telemetry to monitor for cardiac changes. The nature of the unit means that there is a high turnover of patients and a faster pace than medical/surgical units. PCU patients are stable, but they are also acutely and critically ill and at risk for rapid status change.
A majority of the interns voted for Buchta for his ability to communicate effectively with them. Chief Intern David Kanze, D.O., comments, “Brandon answers our calls ASAP, and he’s so helpful on the phone. When Brandon phones, we know it’s serious.”

Buchta has been on staff at Botsford even while he was attending nursing school. In fact, the 2004 nursing graduate twice received Botsford’s Nurse Scholar Award, which is an unrestricted financial award that employees may use to pay any college-related expenses, including tuition, books, travel, living or childcare. The award recipient commits to remain actively employed at Botsford as a staff nurse on an acute care unit for six months for every thousand dollars received. The program is funded by Botsford staff physicians from the proceeds of their annual summer golf outing.

At the surprise award ceremony on the nursing unit attended by several interns and fellow nurses, Buchta expressed astonishment at being selected: “I’m shocked, but I feel very proud of this too. Being selected by our interns for this award is fantastic. I love working with them!”

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