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Botsford News Release

Tick Bites: Preventing Lyme Disease

Farmington Hills, MI (June 19, 2006)--- Summer is tick season, so those who enjoy the outdoors should guard against ticks and Lyme disease. Lyme disease, a potentially serious infection that commonly involves the heart, nervous system or musculoskeletal system, is caused by the bite of certain ticks. The most common carrier is the deer tick, prevalent in wooded and grassy areas. The majority of cases occur along the east coast and the upper Midwest, however cases have been reported in 43 states including Michigan.

For most people, simple measures are enough to prevent Lyme disease. Thomas Selznick, D.O., from Botsford General Hospital says, “The best method for managing Lyme disease is to avoid tick-infested areas. While there is no sure way to eliminate the chance of contracting Lyme disase, there are preventative measures one can take.”

If you suspect you may have been infected by a tick, the symptoms of early Lyme disease may include a red-ringed bull’s-eye rash, which appears either as a solid red expanding rash or blotch, or as a central red spot surrounded by clear skin that is ringed by an expanding red rash. This rash, which develops in most patients with Lyme disease, usually appears one to two weeks after the disease is transmitted and may persist for three to five weeks.

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