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Botsford News Release

Fourth of July Fireworks: Stay Safe

Farmington Hills, MI (June 9, 2006)--- With the Fourth of July holiday just around the corner, many Americans are thinking about the excitement of fireworks displays. For millions of adults and children, fireworks are a staple of the celebration. Before celebrating, it is important that everyone remembers the importance of fireworks safety.

“Fireworks can turn a joyful celebration into a painful memory when children and adults are injured while using fireworks,” says Eric Zuckerman, D.O., an ophthalmologist from Botsford General Hospital. Fireworks devices are the cause of approximately 10,000 injuries each year. Dr. Zuckerman says, “The most common injuries are burns or cuts to the eyes, hands, face and feet. By far, the most dangerous type of firework is the bottle rocket. The bottle rocket flies erratically, frequently injuring bystanders, and the bottle or cans used to launch them often explode, showering fragments of glass or metal in all directions.”

Dr. Zuckerman says, “The best thing you can do to protect you and your children is not to use fireworks at home. Instead, attend a public display and leave the fireworks to the professionals.” If you are going to light fireworks, he offers the following safety tips:

Be prepared:

Be safe:

Be responsible:

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