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Botsford News Release

Botsford Doctors Provide Medical Care in Guatemala

Farmington Hills, MI (March 20, 2006)--- A team of twenty-five physicians and volunteers affiliated with Botsford General Hospital provided needed medical care to thousands of men, women and children in rural Guatemala during a recent medical mission. The trip was led by Botsford General Hospital’s President and CEO, Paul LaCasse, D.O., and his wife, Annette LaCasse, D.O. The trip was part of DOCARE, a non-profit organization that’s primary objective is to bring needed health care to people in remote areas of countries in the Western Hemisphere who would not otherwise be able to receive such medical attention.

During the trip, the Botsford doctors traveled to Antigua, Guatemala and each day went to various small towns including San Andreas, Chichiconstanango, and Chimaltango. They also went to Guatemala’s capital, Guatemala City. They treated over 5,000 patients in a two-week time frame.

The physicians cared for families including children of all ages, pregnant females, middle-aged men and women, and the elderly. They treated patients with skin disease, fungal infections, sun rashes, psoriasis, eczema, malnutrition, congenital and malformations of the central nervous system and heart, ear nose and throat infections, allergies, asthma, gastritis and parasites.

Ben Rossi, D.O., a Botsford resident, says, “This trip is an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to help people who truly have nothing. We become immersed in a completely different culture and see diseases that we have only read about. The people are wonderful and very appreciative of the care we provide.”

Prior to the trip, the group raised funds to cover transportation and housing costs and to purchase medications used to treat Guatemalan patients. Donors included other Botsford physicians, nurses and members of the community.

Planning is underway for another medical mission in 2007. Donations to support that trip can be sent to Botsford General Hospital, Guatemala Medical Mission, 28050 Grand River Avenue, Farmington Hills, MI 48336. For questions, please contact Sonja Amos, Medical Staff Services Director, at (248) 471-8823.

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